Thursday, January 04, 2007

Prayers for the Homeless in Chicago, and Public Prayer in South Carolina

A dozen Chicago area churches and organizations will participate in a 12-hour prayer day, beginning 7am. Saturday at St. Paul's United Church of Christ. Read the story in today’s Courier-Journal. The prayer day is organized by the Public Action to Deliver Shelter of Elgin, Illinois and will focus on prayer for homeless men, women and children, as well as residents of the surrounding community. Today, please pray that their day of prayer will unite the community in the mission to help the homeless. Please also pray for homeless persons in your community.

Send an e-prayer to Dennis Hewitt, Executive Director of PADS

Prayer in public meetings continues to be an issue into 2007. published an article about the debate taking place in Walhalla, South Carolina. Please pray today for the Oconee County Council, for the ACLU, and that we may be able to pray in public with sensitivity, inclusiveness and integrity in 2007.