Thursday, November 02, 2006

Prayers to end violence and for medics in Iraq

From time to time, I will post an introduction to the blog... since I don't yet know how to put in a FAQ link:

A few words about what we are about here... each day I will post one or two news stories from the internet and focus prayer requests around those stories. They range from major world events to seemingly trivial items. Where do they come from? They are the top stories relating to prayer that are returned by a search engine when I log on to the computer. In other words, for this group, we don't really "choose" who to pray for. Part of the idea is to stretch our praying to things we never thought we would pray about. We may also be praying for people that we don't necessarily agree with or approve of, putting into practice Jesus' command to "pray for our enemies." Sometimes I will offer a way to send an e-prayer to the person/church/organization being prayed for. Should you choose to send one, I ask that your prayers be uplifting prayers of blessing; never prayers of judgment or that God would "correct" the person.

And now, the news:
In Philadelphia, PA, yesterday, a small but dedicated group of women church leaders led a prayer service outside City Hall. They were praying for an end to violence among the city's youth. The story is in today's Philadelphia Daily News. Today, join their prayer for an end to violence among youth, and give thanks for women who pray.
Today's New York Times has an article about Petty Officer Third Class Dustin E. Kirby, who is a medic serving in Iraq. Please pray for our soldiers in Iraq, and especially for Dustin and all serving as medics.


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