Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Vision Restored by Praying to Saint Theodore Guerin

Praise God for healing!
Phil McCord had been suffering from advanced cataracts in both eyes, myopia and astigmatism. After praying to God and through Mother Theodore Guerin, who founded a convent in Indiana, his vision was healed. Mother Guerin has just been canonized on Sunday by Pope Benedict XVI. Read the story here. Today, give thanks for Phil's healing, pray for someone you know who needs healing in their lives, and pray for healing in your own life.
Being United Methodist, I don't pray through saints. I understand and can appreciate that the prayers of a righteous person are effective. I need all the prayers I can get. At the same time, when Jesus died for me, the veil in the Temple was split from top to bottom, that I might have access to God through him. So, my prayers are to Jesus and to God, who are one and the same.
Nevertheless, God's power of healing awes me, no matter how it is brought about. And I give thanks for that healing wherever it occurs. May we both experience and be agents of God's healing!


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