Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lowell City Council Tries to be Inclusive... and Tower Records Falls

The Lowell, Massachussetts, City Council is considering making its prayer time more inclusive. Traditionally beginning with the Lord's Prayer, they propose to end with prayers from Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish traditions. The story is here. My guess is that the ACLU will say that giving 1/2 the time to Christian tradition is too much, but I wonder what the religious makeup of the community is? Could the prayer schedule be made to match the relative faith makeup of Lowell? Today, pray for the Lowell City Council, and for all people of faith who are sensitive enough to try to be inclusive in their public spirituality.
In Los Angeles, Tower Records announced that it is going out of business after 37 years. Read about it here: Today, pray for the employees at Tower Records.


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